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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Icebreaker Apparel: Quantum + Hoodie

Today we have another quality product from the folks over at icebreaker 

In the past I've done reviews on their GT Run Shorts, their short sleeve GT Run Top, and their LS Ace Zip.  Additionally, I recently named icebreaker the hands down winner of Best-of-the-Best: Apparel company

Now I have the chance to share with you their Quantum + long sleeve hoodie

This is from their 260 line (a midweight midlayer) which is still 98% natural Merino wool (2% elastane).  Like everything icebreaker makes, this is natural, ethically responsible, traceable back to the farm where the sheep came from that made that exact garment (how cool is that?), naturally odor resistant, and super breathable.  What this one adds is an extra level of warmth (above the 150 or 200 weight) and water resistance!

  • In addition to its inherent breathability, icebreaker added eyelet mesh panels in the underarms.  
  • It keeps the thumb loops in the sleeves, which I've come to love
  • It has 2 good size zippered hand pockets (large enough to fit your hands in them with gloves)
  • The zippered chest pocket with media cord port (and media loop in base of hood) is really nice in that it's actually usable.  So many of these chest pockets are so small I can barely fit my truck key in it.  This one comfortably fits my entire iPhone with Otter box case in it
  • I really like the slim fitted design of this hoodie.  
  • With that slim fit and light weight this hoodie is great to run in (and hike in, and wear out on the town, layer under a coat, etc, etc.!)
  • As far as warmth goes, this jacket will keep you plenty warm down to about 35 degrees or so and below that you simply layer it up (see icebreakers article on Layering)
  • The hood is fitted also.  Couple of things on this:  the hood is fitted so it stays in place well and doesn't allow a lot of wind to come in and 'fill' it up while you're running, however, for me, I would have liked the hood to be a little bit larger (the front of the hood basically comes just barely to my hairline - no further forward, no further down).

Now, one of the many things I love about icebreakers merino wool is that it is so unbelievably odor resistant you can sweat like a dog in it and then wear it out to a nice dinner that night and be fresh and fine.  
This odor resistance lasts forever.  It's awesome.  That is, unless you have kids ;)  I have already washed this hoodie more in the last couple of months then I've washed my LS Ace Zip in the couple years that I've owned it -  the difference?  
a 6 month old (our second).  
So, countless spitup and various other natural disasters have forced this hoodie into the washer a lot.  And, it holds up beautifully.  Nothing to it.  
Just throw it in the washer, with normal detergent (no fabric softner) and wash it.  Then just pull it out and let it air dry (I usually hang it on a drying rack or the back of a chair and put a fan in front of it to help it dry faster) and it's as good as new!  Can't beat 98% wool that can just be thrown in the washer!

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