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Friday, November 1, 2013

Best of the Best: Apparel Company (non compression)

Easiest category to decide by far.  Without a doubt, hands down, the number one non-compression apparel company is:

Icebreaker "....Is the antithesis of fashion.  It's about simplicity and being natural and being long-lasting, as opposed to high-change fashion" (Jeremy Moon, founder and CEO).  

You see, icebreaker is a very unique company.  They have taken a stance (a real stance – not a marketing ploy) on environmental conservation, from their materials, to their factories, every step of the way. 
Now, this isn’t done by throwing a couple bucks at Al Gore to offset a carbon footprint, instead, icebreaker took a holistic approach:  from the raw materials, the farmers, the supply chain and transportation, to the manufacturers and their employees, icebreaker is striving (and doing an amazingly good job) to be in control every step of the way. 
Icebreaker is making a valiant effort to not only have a great slogan, “It’s about our relationship with nature and to each other”, but taking ground breaking steps in transparency all the way down to the end user on how they are living that slogan out (check out their ‘baacode’).  

I have had the great pleasure of reviewing a few pieces of icebreaker gear in the past (Run GT Distance Short, the GT Run Top, and the LS Ace Zip) and all have exceeded expectations.

Next up I'm looking forward to providing a review for their new Quantum Plus Hoodie 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Levi. Looking forward to your next review. Cheers!