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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Be on TV! (Spartan Race on NBC)

Alright guys, so about a couple of months ago I brought you word about Spartan Race and their insane obstacle courses (see blog Here)

Well, now they're really outdone themselves with a new deal and awesome new promotion:  Spartan Race is being aired on national television, on NBC, bringing adventure/obstacle racing to the forefront for the first time.  Many times in the past (paintball, Crossfit, BMX, X games, etc) an NBC/ESPN airing has brought a fringe sport into the mainstream

Check out this interview with Spartan Race CEO Joe DeSena on CNBC:

Now, here's the even Cooler part!
YOU can be on TV with them.  Spartan Race is running a campaign to get a couple of professionals and a few average Joes to have their story shared on NBC
Check out this page for details:  Your Spartan Story..... On TV!

NBC will be filming 8 professional athletes and 4 everday Spartans (that'd be most of you guys!) at the Spartan Race World Championships in Killington, Vermont next month on September 21st for a 90 minute TV special.

And Anyone can register for this event and go run the televised race in Killington (in Beast and Sprint distances).

Now for the final part of this little piece, you can use

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OR you can reply here, send me an email, or message me on Facebook why you want to run a Spartan Race and you could
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  1. I want to run a spartan race because they look so much tougher then any other races out there including the few other local ones I've done. I'd love to do the race in Vermont since its going to be on tv!