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Second Wind
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Friday, April 13, 2012

You Know You're a Runner if.....

  1. If you plan to have your marathon medal, race bib and toenail framed in a shadow box together.
  2. You have a key ring, then a separate single key to your car that you keep on you at all times...just in case.
  3. The sound of a gun sends you into a state of anxious calm instead of fear 
  4. The odor coming from your laundry hamper in the summer causes your pets to pass out
  5. Your laundry room has a hamper for "darks" a hamper for "whites" and a hamper for "compression"
  6. The "compression" hamper has a biohazard sign on it.
  7. You have to buy a separate dresser for all your running clothes
  8. You know the exact distance between every major landmark in your city - also in reference from your house
  9. You can convert miles to kilometers in your head.
  10. You forget your house key as you shut the door behind you, you can't remember your ATM pin number, you forget your own phone number, but you know your resting heart rate, 80% and 90% BPM, and every PR (to the hundredth of a second) of at least 4 distances.
  11. You don't "drink" you "hydrate"
  12. Resting HR, BPM, lactate threshold, anaerobic threshold, and VO2 Max are all standard vocabulary terms for you.
  13. Fartleks aren't funny.
  14. You use 2 band-aids and you don't have any cuts.
  15. You just laughed at number 14
  16. Your 2 favorite food groups are carbohydrates and naproxen
  17. Your calves are bigger than your biceps
  18. You often wash your shorts in the shower
  19. You know that bodyglide has nothing to do with sex
  20. When you talk about an "easy 3" you don't mean it as a joke.

Happy spring everyone!  

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