Second Wind

Second Wind
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meditation in Motion

Running doesn't need me, but I Need running

The last couple of days have been insane. My wife found out that her grandmother had been rushed to a hospital 3 hours away from where we live with acute renal failure, kidney failure, and congestive heart failure (and from kidney, potassium levels through the roof causing severe hallucinations). We drove to the hospital, stayed until the middle of the night, then drove an hour to another town where my sister lived to spend the night. She lived in an apartment, and had to leave for work the next morning by 6:30am, so with no way to lock the door (apartment) without her, we took off and drove the hour back to the hospital, stayed there a few hours, then drove the 3 hours home in time to go straight to a meeting where we stayed from 3:00-8:00pm.

After all that was over, at about 8:30, my wife and I walked over the track across the street from where we were (had to be in a confined space - had our 3 year old with us) and went running.
"You are Crazy!" "go home and sleep" "aren't you exhausted!?" I know. Would like to. and YES.

However, we didn't go run because we felt obligated. We didn't not go home and go to sleep because my little Excel spreadsheet said this was a run day, and it wasn't because we ate too much junk and 'needed' the exercise.
We ran because we desperately needed what running Is. Peace, calm, detox, de-stress, freedom. 30 minutes of time where we could leave everything else behind us, forget what the day had brought, and what tomorrow might bring, and Breathe in, breathe out, left foot, right foot - it's meditation in motion, and I thank God for it.

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