Second Wind

Second Wind
"Run With Purpose!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warmer weather!

With warmer weather approaching (teasingly) for a lot of us, the itch for running passes through many people who don't typically run at all or those who don't brave the cold conditions.

As your interest for running forms, or as you get ready to begin your warm weather program again, please remember to take it slow!  When you are learning a new style such as the mechanics put forth in Second Wind, your body requires adjustment time.  Though it will be the best, most freeing style that will result in better health, less pain, less swelling, and greatly diminish running related injuries, it will also take time for your body to adapt.  Remember that your muscles (and particularly those in your feet) are in a state of atrophy.  You are beginning a physical therapy session to recuperate your dormant muscles, ligaments, and even bones.  Like all physical therapy, it is what's best for you, but it takes time, dedication, and isn't usually comfortable on the front end as you work your body back up to the level of performance it can achieve.

Let your feet (and calves!) be your guide - and get out there and get to it!

Run with Purpose,


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