Second Wind

Second Wind
"Run With Purpose!"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Table of Contents released:

To get ready for the book release (hopefully the end of this next week... stay tuned), here's the table of contents from Second Wind
(the book also includes a forward and, of course, a thanks and acknowledgements section)
Table of Contents:
I:    Love to Run!
II:   Running Form
A:   Running Form:  Arms
B:   Running Form:  Head 
III:  Stride Mechanics
A:   Stride Mechanics:  Foot strike
B:   Stride Mechanics:  Lift off
C:   Stride Mechanics:  Center of gravity 
IV:  Posture
V:   Breathing
A:   Breath cadence 
VI:  Downhill Running
VII: Stretching:
VIII:  The Kicker:  to kick or not to kick, that is the question
IX:  Carbs and You
X:   “When I Run __*__ Hurts”
A:   Arch
B:   Pronation
C:   Feet
D:   Shins/knees/back
XI:  Shoe Attributes
XII: Running/Training Schedules:
A:   5k
B:   Moderate beginners: Build to 15 Mile/week
C:   Half-Marathon
D:   Full Marathon
E:   35 mile/week and 50 mile/week

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