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Monday, April 27, 2015

Product Review: Lems shoes Nine2Five minimalist dress shoe

Live Easy & Minimal

Ah, Lems.  Since I reviewed their first shoe 4 years ago (which was actually a prototype – they hadn’t had a single shoe on the market yet) under the “Stem” brand I have loved these guys.  This past month I’ve had the opportunity to try out 2 pair and I’ll be bringing you reviews of both.  Today’s review will focus on their Nine2Five

As you are probably well aware, minimalist dress shoes (or even dress-casual) shoes are about as hard to find as an honest politician.  For people like me who wear nothing but zero drop for everything, this is a problem.  Well, the guys and gals at Lems have finally put this issue to rest and declared “problem solved!”

The aptly named Nine2Five is positioned to be the go to work shoe for khakis or dress pants in the office, on a nice night out, at church, or anywhere else where those “toe shoes” would be… frowned upon ;)
The shoes look fantastic.  I mean, they actually look the part and if laid on a rack in Johnston & Murphy would fit right in.   The Nine2Five, apart from being truly beautiful, is crafted very well with lots of attention to detail (Lems is a company that is making it because they recognize where they are and continue to grow, each time raising their quality, their attention to detail, and finding the niche that all of us are looking for but the globocompanies can’t/won’t deliver).


Before you write this off as a misplaced love fest, listen to some of the stats and see for yourself why this Will be your next shoe:

·         Wide, foot shaped last
·         The upper is 100% genuine full-grain leather
·         The lining is 100% genuine leather (!!)
·         The sole is 9mm injection rubber (LemsRubber)
·         Removable MoistureWick insole (3mm)
·         A ZERO drop (of course)
·         And a total weight of ~1/2 a pound (mine were 8.3 oz)

          Also, they can do this....:

 I have these in the mocha color and would love to add the other 2 colors.  I have a friend in law enforcement who fell in love with them and wants to try the black ones for a duty shoe.  I wear these with jeans, I wear them taking my beautiful wife to dinner, I wear them to work, I wear these to preach in, these are my go to  exclusive brown dress shoe and, as you can imagine, I have quite a lot to choose from…

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