Second Wind

Second Wind
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Be a Lion that's motivated and made hungry by other Lions

Today's athletes are told, from age 5, that they are The lion in a field of sheep. 
That they're special. The best. Gifted.

Problem is, if you think you're the only lion, then you actually believe you're the best, and that you're the best because you deserve it, because you're so superior, and so you're never hungry. 

then when the sheep actually beats the lion (and they will), the lion whines and complains about the shocking impossibility and unfairness of it. That lion isn't just beaten, it's destroyed. At that moment, that "special Lion" shows their true form: just another sheep. 

You're not a lion in a field of sheep, you're a lion in a field full of lions... and 1 sheep
You win and you eat or you lose and you starve. 
Your motivated because you're one of Many and failure is ever present (and always possible) and so you're Hungry. 

You work. You push. You grind.  When another lion beats you, well, you didn't eat. But see this lion among lions doesn't sit and complain about how much they deserved it because they're too hungry to make excuses!
They get back to work!  They model their  work ethic after the lion that beat them, their greatness, their superiority motivates them to get better!  

In this time of Everyone Gets a Trophy, we aren't creating winners, we're creating people who don't know they can lose - and without the understanding of defeat and just How possible it is,
not only are you not motivated to Prevent it, you are Not equipped to handle it when it inevitably happens. 

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