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Second Wind
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Spartan Cruise!

So, as blogged about a few months back 
The 1st ever Spartan Cruise has happened!

Take the world's fittest, most adventure seeking people, put them on a gorgeous all inclusive cruise ship, and send them to  a private Spartan course in the Bahamas... It's bound to be unbelievable!

So if you missed out on it this year, head on over to scroll through all the amazing pictures (Spartan athletes on an enormous cruise ship in international waters quickly turns into a Spider-Man stunt show!) and vote for your favorite ones!  

Not only do the top 3 photos with the most votes win a free race entry, if you're #1 favorite pic is the same one that I chose then YOU win a free 2015 Spartan Race entry to any race in the continental USA!  Simply click on your favorite picture, copy the tinyURL, and email it to me (or post to comments)!

Then head on over to and start finding a race! 

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