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Second Wind
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

FREE Training runs start Tonight!

Dormant to Dominant:  7 weeks to your first 5k!

Tonight I'm starting my FREE training sessions at World's Fair Site in Knoxville, TN at 7:00pm.

For the next 7 weeks we will meet every Tuesday at 7 and I'll teach people how to run (stride, how to breathe, foot strike, body mechanics, etc) efficiently and injury free.

Each night will include a time of instruction and discussion, a group run, and close with a time of Q&A and 1on1 questions (as time permits).

Over the 7 weeks you will go through my Dormant to Dominant program:
It's just 3 days a week, and only 20-30 minutes each of those 3 days, and after just 7 weeks, even if you've NEVER run before, you will run your first 5k!

This group is open to all skill/experience levels (last year we had those who had never run before in their lives, the severely obese, the injured, and we also had marathoners, 1 Ultra runner, people looking to shave a few minutes off their time, and those looking for tips on efficiency and injury prevention).

You will also learn about barefoot and minimalist running and be able to ask all your questions about that as well

See you tonight!

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