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Second Wind
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Asics FAIL.

Way to move backwards Asics,

*steps firmly on soapbox*

So, often times I get questions from people along the lines of "well what do you wear when you play soccer?  Do they make minimalist cleats!?"  Thing is, ALL soccer cleats (and most all cleats for all sports) are very minimalist, soccer cleats (Boots!) being the most minimalist.  Sports people know, to be fast and stable, you want to be flat and as low to the ground as possible.  So cleats have No support, no arches, no cushioning, and, of course-and most importantly, they are perfectly flat (zero heel drop).

That is, until now... I got a flyer emailed to me about a new Asics line of soccer cleats designed to "keep you in the game longer".  So, longer and better than 7-11 miles in 90 minutes as performed by some of the top conditioned athletes in the entire world?  huh, how interesting.  Their genius approach?  ADD a 10mm HEEL.  /facepalm.  So Asics is now making cleats specifically for those athletes who have always dreamed of playing their favorite sport in high heels.

You've got to be kidding me!?

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