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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer is... Here!

Blogs have been slow!  Summer is my busiest season of the year and typically involves a lot of travel.  This year is no exception!

What do you do for super hot weather runs?  I was in San Antonio, TX where it was 97 while I was there, then East Tennessee at 100, and then AR who's sitting at 106!

Remember to stay hydrated!  Waiting until after a run and then guzzling the liquids just isn't going to cut it, and honestly, even just relying on drinking during runs isn't enough.  The best (and easiest) boost you can give yourself is to pre-hydrate.  Drink lots of fluids during the day before you take off on your run, and then be sure to keep the fluids going.

Don't ever wait until you Feel thirsty - once you feel thirst, you're already too late (into dehydration).  The most dangerous thing to look for is if you stop sweating - I still hear people from time to time tout that as a great thing your body has 'gotten to the point that it doesn't have to sweat!' NO!  If you're in this kind of heat and stop sweating, you are in a very dangerous place!

Keep hydrated, before, during, and after.

Water before, sports drink during (gatorade, EFS, pick your poison), and drink afterwards as well (chocolate milk!)

Protein is an excellent step as well (a nice whey protein mix/smoothie).

For longer runs on hot days, my personal favorite is Lemon Lime Sport Beans!

What about you?  What's your favorite hot weather drink/snack and what does your routine look like?

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  1. Actually research clearly shows that drinking to thirst is a completely acceptable means of determining when you should take in fluids. And over drinking is a path to low sodium levels and even potential death. I recently paced an athlete for 52 miles at the Black Hills 100 and I drank nothing but green tea to thirst and ate nothing but gummy bears and dried cherries. No electrolytes.