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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer is... Here!

Blogs have been slow!  Summer is my busiest season of the year and typically involves a lot of travel.  This year is no exception!

What do you do for super hot weather runs?  I was in San Antonio, TX where it was 97 while I was there, then East Tennessee at 100, and then AR who's sitting at 106!

Remember to stay hydrated!  Waiting until after a run and then guzzling the liquids just isn't going to cut it, and honestly, even just relying on drinking during runs isn't enough.  The best (and easiest) boost you can give yourself is to pre-hydrate.  Drink lots of fluids during the day before you take off on your run, and then be sure to keep the fluids going.

Don't ever wait until you Feel thirsty - once you feel thirst, you're already too late (into dehydration).  The most dangerous thing to look for is if you stop sweating - I still hear people from time to time tout that as a great thing your body has 'gotten to the point that it doesn't have to sweat!' NO!  If you're in this kind of heat and stop sweating, you are in a very dangerous place!

Keep hydrated, before, during, and after.

Water before, sports drink during (gatorade, EFS, pick your poison), and drink afterwards as well (chocolate milk!)

Protein is an excellent step as well (a nice whey protein mix/smoothie).

For longer runs on hot days, my personal favorite is Lemon Lime Sport Beans!

What about you?  What's your favorite hot weather drink/snack and what does your routine look like?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Russell Moccasin Thula Thula

Levi Dodd
June 2012

Today we have a special product review that I am very excited about.  

Russell Moccasin makes completely custom (and 100% by hand) shoes and boots to Your exact measurements - you measure your foot, heel, length, width, height, etc, send them in, and they build You your own perfect pair.

When I was first contacted about Russell Moccasins I admit that I was unfamiliar with the brand.  As I began to look into Russell, I knew there was no way I could pass on this review!  
Russell Moccasin is the company you can't help but love and cheer for.  Russell Moccasin has been in business in Wisconsin for over 108 years and today the boots are made in the very same little building that the company started in.  As if that isn't enough, what truly sets this family owned and operated business apart from the rest is their attention to detail and zealous commitment to quality in their completely custom built shoes.  
That's right, not only does Russell custom fit its boots and shoes, they actually hand last and hand sew every pair... and you can tell. 

My favorite quote, and a great synopsis from Russell Moccasin is this:

"Russell has never grown into a large multinational marketer of theme-type footwear...we prefer to remain small and turn out the finest handmade product possible for our unique group of outdoorsmen and women...those who recognize the quality of a handmade product. If we were larger in size and scope, we simply could not do the kinds of things we do. In order to respond to specialized demands, we must maintain a close knit group of highly skilled craftsmen. Mass production techniques are simply not possible."  

Those skilled craftsmen hone their skill day in and day out and remain loyal to the family owned business.

It's no wonder that their client list includes such people as Robert Redford, George W. Bush, Tucker Goodrich, Gayne Young, Larry Weishuhn, Mike Cassidy, Mike Rogers, and just about every big game hunter you see on TV.  Plus they've been featured in countless magazines ranging from Bow Hunting World and Field and Stream to S.W.A.T.

Forgive my doting - I really was just blown away with this company;  Ralph (the president) and his people are truly top notch.

On to the boots:

First impressions were great and the boots look good.  I am a minimalist shoe and barefoot runner and let’s be honest… the good shoes typically ARE going to get you all kinds of attention, but the not the attention a fashion minded individual may want…  
These boots look superb and the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship is undeniable.  Furthermore, these are truly minimalist boots that not only meet all of my minimalist requirements, but are also the toughest and best boots you will ever have the privilege of lacing up!

 The boots I received from Russell Moccasin were in their new line of MINIMALIST shoes and boots (including 4" boots, 7" boots, and dress and casual oxfords).  This particular model is the Thula Thula in 7" height and all leather.  They are truly a hand stitched work of art.  The boots are made with top of the line Ski Grain and waterproof WeatherTuff leather with a tough 10oz bullhide molded wrap around the outer sole.  These boots midsole is only 1/16th" thick and the boots sport the tried and true ultra thin Vibram Newporter sole.  Of course, the boots (and all their minimalist shoes and boots) feature a 0 drop heel, which is absolutely essential.

Again, what immediately struck me about the boots was the evidence of fine, hand craftsmanship.  Also, as any true master craftsman will tell you, all the skill in the world is largely lost without also utilizing the best materials - Russell Moccasins certainly adheres to that.  
The leather is the finest quality I've ever seen on a boot.  Thick, tough, 100% waterproof (I took a several mile stalk hike up a creek, never leaving the water, and my boots never leaked a drop), all while being as soft and supple as the finest handbag.  

The boots have virtually no break-in period at all.  Well, let me qualify that:  the first time you put the boots on they feel as if they are completely broken in, soft, and perfectly fitted to your foot.  However, the more you wear them, the softer and better they become yet. 

These boots are perfectly suited for hiking (or even running!), hunting, stalking, or even sitting below a pair of designer jeans while you conquer the concrete jungle.  My only problem now is that I was joking with my wife that as summer is upon us I'm continuing to wear jeans just so I can keep wearing these boots!

  • ·       The sole is Vibram, very thin, slip and oil resistant.  It's flat and does not take any mud at all while still providing excellent traction. 
  • ·       The leather is very nice, good looking, abrasion resistant, tough, waterproof, absolutely top of the line
  • ·       The bullhide mudguard around the edge (overlapping the sole to the leather upper) provides excellent protection against nicks, cuts, and scratches while also helping provide an added layer of protection from the elements (in water proofing).
  • ·       The tongue/collar is gusseted for water proofing and is so soft you won't believe it
  • ·       Speed lacing hooks provide stability and varied level of tension
  • ·       The 1/16" midsole provides good ground feel and superb flexibility while offering just the right amount of 'rock plate' protection and the sole is extremely flexible  - just what you would want and expect in a minimalist shoe of any kind.  The boot will roll up toe to heel and will also roll and torque side to side.  There are no stiff points, no stability webs or the like (perfect)
  • ·       There is, of course, no heel-to-toe drop (zero drop).  This is only the second ‘boot’ that I’m aware of that offers a zero drop (and the only one of this quality)
  • ·       The boots are very light weight, weighing in at only 1.5 pound!  For reference, my Vasque Sundowners weigh in at just under 3 ½ pounds (so the pair weights almost 1/2 pound less than a single standard hiking boot).
  • ·       One of the most important features of this boot to me is the fact that they are waterproof – and they really are, completely!  There are so many times where I require a waterproof platform but can’t stand my traditional (heavy, stabilized, and substantial heel drop) boots and these offer me a completely waterproof platform to fit my needs.

Final Thoughts:

I love minimalist shoes.  That’s all I use, no… really.  At work, while running, dress shoes, hiking, working out, around the house, mowing the lawn, every shoe I wear is a zero drop minimalist shoe.  That being said, I love to hike, I love to hunt, and I love to camp and there are times where I really miss my boots!  There are times where solid leather, a hi-top, and (most importantly for me) waterproof become extremely important.  I’ve long waited for a company to come out with true minimalist boot to fill this void and I am pleased to say that Russell Moccasin has done just that.  I am thrilled at their marriage of “minimalism” and “boot” and will thoroughly enjoy these new Thula Thulas.

Many thanks to Ralph and all the crew and please don't hesitate to give them a call.        &

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gym etiquette? (aka an ode to Rex and the Lifter's Club)

So in the last post I asked you to consider several things:

what type of workout environment do you like?  What do you think of when you think of personal trainers?  How about Yoga teachers?  Drill Sergeants?
What do you feel like when you just beat a PR, or finish a tough workout?

So, what did you come up with?  Obviously this is largely opinion based with some people having very staunch opinions on either side.  However, this blog is also largely opinion based (shocking, isn't it?) and so for this purpose you have to listen to mine ;)

Have you ever heard the phrase "Gym etiquette"?  What does that mean to you?
To me it means you shouldn't be a jerk or a tool, you shouldn't act like you're on a movie set, and you should re-rack all the weights you use (that last one being the most important).
However, it would appear that I'm just down right caveman like (*queue Tim the Tool Man laugh*) in that thinking.  Evidently, the top 10 rules for gyms now are:

  1. "shirts required at all times", 
  2. "don't drop any weights", 
  3. "when you clean and jerk that new max out and give it everything you have we need you to gingerly place the bar back, carefully, and quietly on the ground", 
  4. "No yelling"
  5. "No 'wooping'"
  6. "No grunting because the weight is too heavy"
  7. "No yelling/growling as you push through that last rep"
  8. "No encouraging your partner to push through their last rep"
  9. "Mind your own business"
  10. "don't interact with, talk to, or certainly not encourage anyone else who is working out"

which can all be summarized as: "don't push yourself too hard where it would require maximum exertion or where the euphoria of success would ever be present so that you can be completely void of any and all excitement or emotion whatsoever."

Bovine stool.

I grew up at a gym called the Lifter's Club.  The Lifter's Club was in Oak Ridge, TN and run by a guy named Rex (yep), the assistant manager (if you can call him that) was Taz, the gym's symbol was a completely illegal rip off of the Tazmanian Devil from the looney tunes, and the mascot was usually a english bulldog ("LC"), but at one point there was also a pet pig.  Rex was, well... picture the biggest, hugest steroid dude you can think of.  And then double it.

The gym was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but rarely had anyone on staff present.  There were no membership cards, no key fobs, no security system, no cameras.  And you know how often things got stolen from there?  Never.  Not once.  Ever.  Because everyone knew that you don't steal from a bunch of guys who can benchpress that little Toyota Hybrid you drive.

The guys would cheer each other on no matter what they were doing.  If you had never been at the gym before and were trying a 1RMax of 100 pounds on the benchpress, the guy who was doing reps at 600 (and no I'm not making that number up) would rack his weight so that he could come over encourage you - by screaming at you "Come on!  COME ON!  You can do it, don't drop that weight, push, Push, PUSH!   Then when you did it, people four doors down would know because everyone would scream and grunt for you.  When a clean and jerk was finished, you dropped the bar and the weights.  Why?  Because you were excited beyond belief?  Yes.  But also because, in that gym, if you did it right, you could no longer lift a finger after that rep - Rex use to to say something along the lines of, if you did it right, then if Carmen Electra were standing in front of you... asking (I'm paraphrasing there...) you to do one more rep you couldn't do it.  And the weights weren't rubber then either.  They were cast iron.  And I don't know if you're aware, but 45 pound cast iron plates banging together are a body builders mating call.

The Lifter's Club had all kinds of other fantastic memories (Rex's girlfriends - all of whom could beat you up, the refrigerator out in the middle of the gym with the logging chain padlocked around it, the fact that there wasn't a single working treadmill in the whole place, that the complex science derived workout schedules were "do legs one day, then arms the next day, then whole body, then repeat", etc. etc. etc.).  You know what it was?  It was a gym.  A single purpose, band of brothers (and sisters) workout Mecca.

In my opinion, if you can't get excited about it, if you can see someone struggling to get a weight up by their self and just turn your earbuds up and turn away, if you can hit a new 1 rep max and quietly re-rack the weight, jot the number down on your iPhone and casually walk to the next machine - You Aren't Doing It Right!  Show some EMOTION, show some pride, get Excited, get pumped up - LOVE IT!