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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nada update.... Take 2 (Good news!)

I have had an enormous response from my blog on the Nada shoes and a record number of you stating that you have already or will be ordering a pair.  In an effort to resolve some confusion created here and other places, I want to update everyone with the best information I have on these shoes:

Ok, so those that follow the blog knew a few things:

1.  I review a lot of shoes
2.  I recently (for the first time) announced that the Nadas are, in my opinion, The best minimalist shoe made.
3.  We then had tons of confusion and heartache as we tried to figure out what in the world happened to them with rumors of them going out of business, etc.

So here's another update:  after speaking to the folks at Nada, here is some information that I can share -- IS up and running and is accepting internet orders.  Almost all of their shoes are in stock (2 styles in lots of different colors), and you can order directly from their website.

As many of you asked about, the website does only list women's shoes.  This Is by design "at this time, 95% of all orders for nadas have come from women, so at this time, in order to accomplish what we need to do to be the best and provide the best, to our best customers, we are focusing on the female gender exclusively"

With those figures, and that logic, this seems like a very sound decision, and though somewhat disappointing to the male gender, it's important that the company focuses on what is going to sustain it.  That said, men can always order 1.5 sizes larger in a women's shoe and get the same fit (made even easier when the Nadas run a full size to big... so in reality, if you're a man, you can pretty much just order Your true size in women's and you should be good).

Check them out:

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