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Second Wind
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Running Form 7: Posture

I apologize for the delay in posts, I've been out of town for about 10 days
and made that time a "technology free" zone!

I'm excited to be back, to hear how everyone's running has been the 
last week, and to share with you the 7th (and final) segment on our
Running Form series.  This 7th part of the series covers complete/overall
running posture and is taken from my book 

Running Posture

Keep your body in a straight line. Think of a rod
going straight through your body, from the center of
the top of your head down through your ankle. 
With that rod in place, every joint has to stay in line and your
back must remain perfectly straight. 
At the same time, lean your body ever-so-slightly forward.

Now, in remembering that your body has to be
straight (you can’t bend that rod), you know you
can’t lean forward at the waist.
Instead, you create your forward cant from the

By creating a lean forward (from the ankles),
you enlist gravity to assist you in your run. Instead of
running being work, it becomes controlled falling.
You aren’t pushing off into each stride, in fact, if you
don’t do anything but stand still, with your body
leaning forward at the ankles, you will fall flat on
your face. To keep yourself from falling, you simply
place one foot out to catch yourself – 'falling' into
your next stride with half the effort.

Remember that everything (head, shoulders, chest, hips, knees,
toes) points in the direction you are moving - forward!

Knees are bent (before you can even think in your head "but my knees are bent"
let me just go ahead and assure you they are not.  Bend them more.).
Your knees must be kept bent your entire stride, up and down, lift and landing.
In order to do this, bend your knees, then bend them a little more, then bend them
until you feel mildly ridiculous and at that point you're probably about half way there ;)

  • Posture straight
  • 'Lean' from the ankles
  • All things pointing straight ahead
  • Keep knees bent

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