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Second Wind
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running Form 6: Head

This is the 6th installment in the 7 part series on Running Form: From the feet up

Today's entry is a short excerpt on the head:

All excerpts are taken from my book, "Second Wind: the running coach you never had but always needed"


Your head should be still, fixed, straight ahead in the direction you are advancing.
That, obviously, is controlled largely by one’s eyes. So, unless you are admiring the scenery (which inadvertently you really should be doing from time to time), your eyes should be focused on the road ahead - straight ahead.

Your eyes, chin, shoulders, chest, hips, knees, your toes, everything should be pointing straight ahead.

The other issue with the head is “head bob”.
If you are running correctly, your head should remain flat (think of “finishing school” where they would make the children put books flat on their heads and walk around without them falling off).
If instead of lifting your foot off the ground and gliding (with your quads and hamstrings), you are pushing off and lunging your entire body in the air (with your calves), then your head will visibly bob up and down with each stride.

Stand in place and march (just march in place - right where you are).
You aren't using your calf muscles (your smallest leg muscles), you aren't pushing off - you're lifting each step (with your hamstrings and quads - you're biggest leg muscles) and, therefore, you're head stays perfectly flat.

How you march in place, in all regards, is how you should run. You are using the correct muscles, you are landing flat footed, your feet are landing directly underneath your hips, your standing tall, your head is still, etc - Marching in place mimics proper running form!

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