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Friday, June 3, 2011

Product Review 12: Polar Bottle Plastic Half-Twist bottles

Polar Bottle's Plastic Water Bottle

First off, this bottle is out of what Polar calls their “lifestyle” line. What differentiates this bottle from their sport bottles is 2 main things:

1. The bottle is not insulated, and

2. It features Polar Bottles brand new “Half Twist” cap technology (more on that in a minute).
This bottle is extremely light weight (less than 3 ½ oz) and yet will still hold a full 24oz of fluid. The colors are dark enough where the color of your liquid can be not be seen but you are still able to make out your fluid level.

Despite its light weight nature, the bottle is quite durable. I dropped the bottle from various heights (up to 10 feet on concrete) both full and empty and never had a break or a puncture.
Now for what really sets this bottle apart is it Half Twist cap. Polar Bottle’s Half Twist cap (see below)

The Half Twist cap

allows the user to turn the cap a half turn to open it. So if you were looking at the picture above, the cap as pictured is sealed. Now, twist the cap a half turn, where the “Half Twist” logo is upside down, and it’s fully open (allowing you to drink from the lid and seal the lid without ever having to remove it).
It’s handy, it’s fast, and it’s nice (and quick) to not have to untwist the lid all the way off in order to take a drink (like say, a Nalgene).
The openings (one on each side) to drink out of are wide and provide a perfect amount of liquid to flow; not too much to drown you, but a steady solid stream. Once you close the lid (with a half turn back) it is completely sealed with no leaks. I tried shaking, dropping, storing it upside down – no leaks.

Last and not least, it is easy to clean. The white rubber gasket/valve piece you can see in the above picture pops out, the opening where it goes is wide (no need for annoying baby bottle brushes to get in to tiny crevices to clean), and the entire thing is dishwasher safe…a Requirement for me! I washed these bottles many times on top and bottom rack, normal and high-temp wash, and have had no problems.

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