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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Product Review 7: CEP Compression Socks

CEP Compression Socks

With these compression socks, like other compression socks I’ve tried, I used them in 2 ways: I did run in them in a pair of minimalist shoes (normally I run in VFF’s so no socks) and then I also used them in tandem with the sleeves: used the sleeves on the run and wore the socks post run and slept in them for recovery. On the run the socks held in place perfectly, no tugging or adjusting required. I want to specifically address the “padded foot soles”. The bottom of the socks are a different color (grey) making the leap in one’s mind to the grey (carbon injected) pronate/suppinate pads in shoes. I was worried about this idea of “padded” socks at first but I can say that it is only slightly thicker (I would say more tightly woven) on the soles. It was not a turn off for me. What I will say about it is that it felt as though they had increased the elasticity in that area which I actually really liked: it made the sock fit around the foot much more glove-like than a normal sock which made sure that the sock never shifted, slid, or bunched up during the run.
Compression level was good throughout and, just like in the sleeves, the material felt very soft (again, almost cotton-like) against the skin while wicking moisture away and drying very efficiently.
Another small point, CEP has actually created a YouTube video on how to put on compression socks. Sounds a bit silly, but I will say that I have people talk about the difficulty of getting them on while not stretching them incorrectly (I am not a tri-athlete but I would imagine this be much more of an issue if you were trying to put them on wet). The video is actually really good and shows a great technique for getting them on (and on consistently in the same way):

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