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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Product Review 6: CEP Compression Short

CEP Compression Shorts

CEP was kind enough to send me a pair of their brand new compression shorts. Wow. From the very first impression to the last run I used them on (this morning), the shorts just scream Quality. For the first time, I feel confident enough to say that these are hands down the best compression shorts I have tried. The fit is perfect (truly), good compression while not having any tight spots, excellent attention to detail in the “zones” that they have crafted within these shorts (having separate levels of compression based on the area of the body and how you utilize those muscles). The attention to detail is superb. They stayed in place, they fit in such a way that you could wear them without focusing on their presence, they glide perfectly, and offered (anecdotally of course) the best level of performance and recover of any short I have tried thus far. The multiple ventilation panels work well and are positioned just right for me. Another small but very nice feature can be seen in the 2nd picture – that black rainbow in the center of the butt is actually the cover flap of a seamless pocket that will hold a key (which is what I used it for) but would even hold a small billfold or MP3 player. Again, I just honestly can’t overstate how impressed I am with this short.

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