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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Product Review 2: Zensah Compression Socks

Compression Socks

I did a couple of things with the Zensah compression socks. As I don’t usually wear traditional shoes running, I had to find a pair to run in (The TerraPlana VIVOBAREFOOT Neo – which I will be reviewing soon). On the run the socks felt great and actually didn’t have the usual negative ‘side effects’ of wearing socks: they stayed put, with no bunching, sliding, rolling, etc. They fit tight, but not restrictively (I Loved that they were compression based all the way around the foot – I hate loose socks!), and they didn’t get wet! Sweat was nonexistent (like good dri-fit); it was so dry that I intentionally ran through a deep puddle to get them wet and test out their drying and within a very short distance I couldn’t tell they’d ever been damp (90+ degree TN heat helps!).

Secondly, I washed the socks (and saw No change in elasticity/compression or fit) and then on my next long run I used the calf sleeves during the run, came home, showered, and then put the socks on and wore them for the remainder of the evening and slept in them all night. Again, compression was good, but after a few minutes, you don’t even notice they are there and they didn’t affect my night’s sleep at all. What I found was that the next morning when I got up, I rolled out of bed, stretched, and took the socks off and found myself good to go – no DOMS.

Though I did really like the socks, as I said, I don’t usually run in shoes (I usually run barefoot in my VFFs) what I think works great is the above model: wear the sleeves during the run and the socks post-run for recovery.


  1. Thanks for the review - very nice. Love my compression socks. I’m a big fan of compression socks, but I’ve only used them for recovery.

  2. I generally find myself using them more for recovery, but on long/tough runs, I love them During as well!