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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Product Review 3: Zensah Base Layer Compression Short

Compression Shorts

The shorts were the second thing I was really interested in. Following what compression is stated to do, faster recovery and better blood flow in your quads and hamstrings sounded good to me.

The Zensah compression shorts felt great! They weren’t too hot (though obviously a bit hotter than a plain pair of running shorts with a liner). What amazed me about the shorts was that there is honestly not a single seam in the entire pair. Not a seam, not a crease, not a tag, nothing. It was smooth all over – slick and comfy. What this does is provide excellent comfort, nothing rubs or irritates, and provides perfect glide between your legs (zero chafe). The compression in the shorts was by far the least intense, to the point that I wondered if it was compressing at all (and I have fairly large thighs and ordered the S/M) – the entire short is basically invisible, you just put it on and forget it’s there.
(*NOTE: what I didn’t realize at first is that the shorts I received were designed to do exactly what I just said – provide extremely mild compression while offering a zero chafe short and better temperature management. Zensah makes a ‘High Compression Short’ – the ones I’m reviewing are the ‘Mild’ short).

My other point on the short was (one that will be quite unique to me) that I ordered a s/m and, as towering presence of 5’ 6” (rawr!), they were a bit long ;) On me, the s/m length came down to my patella, completely covering the knee if I pulled them down all the way. I had to roll/bunch them up a bit to get them to sit above my knee – but again, I’m 5 foot 6 inches… that will Not be a problem for 90% of you, but worth mentioning.

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